Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Suicidal Tendency In Your Palm

The science of palm reading is very fascinating. It almost tells everything as to the human life. The lines on the palm prognosticate as for any events in the life of a person. The health especially cardiac problem and the madness can easily be foretold by the help of the lines on the palm. The prediction of financial growth is as easy as ABC for a palm reader.

If all these prognostications are true then it is apparent that the prediction on suicidal attempt is also true. The line of head is enough to help the palmist to predict suicidal tendency. I personally predicted too many people as to their suicidal tendency with the help of palm reading. At present I am going to give some idea as for how to foretell suicidal tendency. First of all the palmist should take into account if the person is emotional, sentimental or sensitive kind. Generally it is seen that the sensitive or sentimental sort of person commits suicide. This tendency in a human being can be seen easily by any palmist with a working knowledge of palmistry.

If the line of head goes (Line 4-4) down on being parallel towards the mounts of moon then it is sure that the person will commit suicide sooner or later in life. This tendency will be more aggravated if the person belongs to the philosophical hand. The palmist should be very careful while studying the palm. Sometimes it is also seen that if the head line has joined together with line of life then the tendency towards the suicide will be more since the person becomes more sensitive in this kind of head line. The people with long hands are more prone to commit suicide than the person with short hand.

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