Thursday, August 28, 2008

Short lifeline with long life

Short lifeline gives a longer life. Generally the people are afraid of the short life line. Having seen the lifeline some people gets frustrated as to their life. But my experience in palm reading says that the short life line gives long life. lets discuss how it is possible?

Now we will give a little view as to short life line. There are many people in this world with short lifeline but have survived up to the age of 90. The reason behind this is the long parallel line of fate and line of Mars.

If the line of life is short and truncated on the half way of the palm then the person will be short lived. The death is surer if the life line is stopped half way in both the hands. The study of palmistry predicts that if the life line is supported by the line of Mars then the person will be long lived. At the same time if the line of fate is parallel with the line of life then it is also sure that the person will not have premature death. I am of opinion that while doing palmistry the major three lines should be taken in to account.

In the study of palm reading the prediction of death is by far the most difficult task among all the prediction. The breaks, islands, chains on the line of life are very harmful if it is on the both hands.

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Lara said...

Hi My daughter has quite a large break on her right hand. What does this mean?