Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is prediction of children possible in palmistry?

The childless people are eager to know the future of their lovable baby by means of the children line that is available on the hand. The question is that is it possible to predict the numbers of kids from the lines on the hand. It is seen that the madness, divorce, marital dispute from hand reading is true. However, the case of the prediction relating to children is somewhat different.
The children line are available adjacent to the line of marriage. These lines of kids are very small, as a result, it becomes almost impossible to predict the numbers of kids that one will have. The bigger lines denote male and thinner lines denote female. It is very important to study the children line on the palm by the help of magnifying glass since these palm lines are almost invisible.
The line of kids needs to clean, clearly visible and without any breaks, chains, islands and all sorts of irregularities. The palm reader should also calculate the line of marriage and mounts of Venus while calculating the kids’ line on the palm. The well developed mount of Venus indicates successful progeny.
If there is an island in the beginning of the children line then it is an indication of ill health of the baby at the beginning. When the break or island is present at the end of the children line then the child is not likely to grow up. The poorly developed mount of Venus does not indicate any kid in future. If the mount of Venus is flat it also makes one childless. All these prediction relating to kids can be predicted, but the palmist needs extra-sensory power since the forecast pertaining to children is difficult than the other lines on the palm.

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