Thursday, February 16, 2012

The study of health line in palmistry

Health is wealth; a popular saying that tells us to take care of our health. In spite of taking utmost care sometimes the health goes wrong. No one understands the reason. The science of palmistry can tell what kinds of health disorder you will have. There are many lines to be considered while making prediction as to your body. The health line, life line, heart line and head line are the most important lines that can tell whether you can lead a healthy life.
Apart from this, the skin and colours, nails and mounts have a vital role to bring good health to any person. So basically, I can say a good mount of Venus gets strong and robust health. All the major lines such as health line, heart line, head line and life line should be present on the hand without any breaks and irregularities. If one of these lines has islands, chains and breaks then it will definitely bring health issues in life. Generally pale colour palm also does not indicate good physique. Some of the indication is given below to assess the health. If there is an island on the line of head then there will be severe headache, melancholia and mental insanity etc. If there is an island on the life line then there will be health issues when the island appears. When there is an island on the line of heart it indicates cardiac arrest. If there is an island on the line of health then it also tells upon your health. The nails should be free from any spot or ribs on it. It is found that the life line is more important than the health line as for physical issues. Even sometimes the absence of health line bring better health to the individual. These are the major issues that should be taken into account while making a palmistry reading.

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