Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Esoteric connection between palmistry and numerology

There are many techniques that saints and scientists have discovered in the world to explore the secrecy of human fate. The art of horoscopy, astrology, palmistry, numerology and tarot reading are popular across the globe. Besides this the Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology and Kabala has also its specialty in the field of predictive science. The study of numerology is one of the popular predictive branches that can easily tell all about your nature, character, health and wealth etc. as easy as ABC. Almost all the sciences relating to forecast are equal. However, the veracity of the prognosis depends upon the person who makes it.
There art of numerology and is interdependent. It is also experimented that the Indian Vedic astrology and western astrology is deeply connected. The only difference is that the western astrology calculation is based on sidereal system and the Vedic system is based on Nirayan system. The Indian Vedic astrology takes the planet Moon as the center of all the predictive calculation, while, the western astrology and horoscope takes the planet Sun in to account while making prediction. However, the conclusion is same. The deficiency with western astrology is that there is no remedial measure, whereas, the Indian system of predictive science is laden with preventive measures.
The palmistry that predicts the future of the human being from the lines on the hand has a deep connection with the science of numerology. Almost all the predictive technique depends upon the planets. The study of chirognomy and chiromancy is no exception. The palm has also the planets on it like: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn etc. The hand reader does predict the future of a human being having seen the planetary strength while making palm reading. If the palmist pays close attention in palmistry and numerology then the prediction will be more accurate.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The line of life and its strength in palm reading

The life linee is the most important line in the study of palmistry. The line of line does predict the health, potential and the force in life that one possesses. The line of l should be very clean, long and deep in its appearance. The long life line indicates the longer life span and the short line of life forecast short life. However, it is very important to calculate all the aspect of palm reading. The hand reader should take in to account the condition of inner life line or line of Mars. Sometimes the fate line even supports the line of life.
A clean, well-developed life line indicates a good as well as successful life. If the line of life is strong enough then there will be peace, happiness, success, good health in life. If the life line is full of chain and island then it tells of bad health throughout life. If there is a square on the line of life then it is an indication of preservation of danger in life. If the line of life is bifurcated at the end then it indicates the death will take place in a different place than the place of birth.
If the line of life is broken then it is a health hazard at that point of time where the life line is broken. If there are lot of lines that crosses the life line then there will be a lot of disturbances in the family life. If the line of life is separated from the head line then it indicates a great confidence and will power.

The heart line and its importance in palm reading

The entire humanity is running after love and affection. Some want fraternal love and some want parental, while, other wants love from the soul mate. Some people are lucky enough to get love and affection from all side, whereas, some are devoid of love and affection. Let’s see how heart line predicts the love of the human being and what extent you are fortunate to get love and sympathy from others. The heart line can easily speak the love story of your life. The line of heart even can tell how far one is sympathetic or unsympathetic.
If the life of heart has touched the mount of Jupiter then the person will be very helpful by nature and very strong in love towards others. If the line of heart remains under the mount of Saturn then the person will be more or less selfish. If the heart line touches in between the finger of Jupiter and Saturn it is a symbol of balance. If the line of heart is extremely short in its length then the person will be extremely cruel and selfish.
The other factors of the palm need to be taken in to account while studying palm of a person. The soft hand indicates a polite and helpful person, while, a hard hand denotes cruelty and determination in any undertaking. If the heart line is small with a hard palm then the person should be considered extremely selfish. If the line of heart has a branch towards its end then the person will be extremely lovable by nature.
The chain on the heart line indicates inconsistency in love and affection while a strong line of heart tells of stronger love.

The reading of sun line on your hand and its importance

Every human being is desirous to have name and fame in the life. Some people have been struggling for getting reputation and money whole life in vain, whereas, some people are not industrious enough, but getting result magically. There is a reason behind this. The sun line on the palm should be very strong to be highly successful in society. The only line of sun can bring name and reputation, money and contact with the people of ranks. The line of sun is a boon for the person who has possessed. It will bring phenomenal achievements sooner or later in the life.
The sun line should be long, clear and without any islands and breaks on it. The clean line of sun will bring spectacular reputation in the society and all of a sudden. The person with a line of sun will be the center of the attention of the people everywhere.
The palmist needs to be extra careful while reading sun line and the mounts of the palm. It is necessary to have strong mounts of sun which is a great support to the line of sun. I am of opinion that all the mounts such as: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Moon etc should be taken in to account along with the mounts of sun while reading line of Sun.
The finger of sun or ring finger has a great role in the study of chirognomy. If the ring finger is long enough then sun is strong and it predicts a great achievement and reputation in the life. So, it is important to take in to account to ring finger, mount of the sun and the sun line.

The study of marriage line on the palm

Marriage in heaven is the bonding of two individual in one mind. No one knows when unforeseen happens. The marriage line on the palm has a vital role in the study of palm reading. The line of marriage in the science of hand reading can predict whether one will be widow, divorcee or will have marital discord throughout the life. The line of marriage should be clear and without any breaks, island and chain etc. The clean marriage line is the indication of happy married life while any irregularities on the line of marriage can severely harm marital life.
If the line of marriage has a fork at its end then it is an indication of marital unhappiness. Similarly, if the marriage line on the palm has an island then there will be severe dispute between the two partners. If the line of marriage touches the line of sun then it denotes a marriage with a high profile personality. If the marriage line touches the line of heart then it is a sure indication of death of the life partner. If the line crosses the line of heart and touches directly the mount of Venus then there will be a judicial separation between the two partners.
If there is an island on the marriage line then it will bring ill health for the life partner. It is very important that the mount of Venus should be strong enough to get all kind of happiness in the marriage. If the line the of marriage is close to the line of heart then it will bring early marriage in life. If the line of marriage is available just in between the little finger and heart line then it will make you married in between 21 to 28. If it is close to the little finger on the palm then it is an indication of late marriage.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How long does it take to learn palmistry?

Many people are eager to learn palmistry in this world since fate reading is an amazing study that entices every one across the globe. No matter, if one is a king or a pauper has a fetish to know the future story of the life. Some people are eager to know their material success in life and some are interested in spiritual success. Many have tried with the help of books of chirognomy to learn palm reading in vain. Some find it extremely intricate and some find it very easy to grasp.
Where there is will, there is a way’ a popular saying in English has been prevailing in the world. I am of opinion that if someone develops strong will power and self confidence to learn palm reading, then the chiromancy can be grasped within a short span of time. The books are the tools that help to learn palmistry in far-less effort and within a short span of time. Besides, the internet is quite helpful to have a complete command over the science and study of chirognomy.
Some students of chiromancy do ask very frequently that how long it takes to learn palmistry. In fact, it is out of question to tell exactly how long it will take to have fully command over the language of the hand. Someone may grasp it within six month and some other may take years to even understand the basics of the language of the palm. The students of chiromancy should have photographic memory and fertile imagination to learn palm reading effortlessly.
The major problem that appears before the new comers in palm reading is to understand the shape and size of the palm. There are seven kinds of palm in the study of chirognomy. It should be fully understood by the students. The palmist should have knowledge of both chirognomy and chiromancy to be a successful palm reader.

Why the smaller palm lines are unpredictable

The human hand is full of lines that forecast our life in details. However, there are some tiny palm lines that are impossible to take into consideration. The small lines on the hand are always changeable in its nature, while, principal lines do not change very frequently. The major lines on the palm are life line, head line, fate line, marriage line, travel line, sun line and health line etc. These palmistry lines are capable of predicting the health, wealth, intelligence, will power and courage etc. of a human being.
The line of life predicts as to the issues relating to health and life span. The fate line tells all about the material success in life. The sun line does predict the name, fame and glory in life. The line of marriage does forecast as for the marital discord, divorce and death of the life partner. The travel line can foretell if someone has got great travel like voyage, overseas travels etc. The head line can predict the mental power of a human being. If the line of head is clean and long along with conical shape of palm then it is a sure sign of knowledge and intelligence. The head line also does predict all about the suicidal tendency of a human being. The mental insanity can be predicted as easy as ABC from the palm lines of a person.
The small palmistry lines are quite changeable in its nature which does not allow the palmist to calculate the events in life properly. Besides, God has not given all the power to the foretellers to control and prognosticate the life of human being. However, there are some small symbols on the palm such as: island, square, star, cross and triangle etc. that help to get miraculous prediction in the life of human being.